They have all been to law school and they all passed the bar or they wouldn’t be sitting there. So how can you decide if they can help you or they’re just going to do or say anything to get a retaining fee.

How long has the firm been around?

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Just like everyone else, attorneys need clients to stay in business, and so a good place to start is when the firm was founded. If they have been around for a while, someone has been paying their bills.

Do they specialize in what you need?

If what you need is a really good divorce lawyer then working with someone who is great at patent law is not going to help much.

Look for local specialists like attorneys in charlotte nc who have experience in the area of the law you need.

Ask for a recommendation

Lawyers are buddy sort of people. They will know people in the local law association and they will know who does what around town, so feel free to ask.

Check out the website

Often, you’ll have a choice of firms. One way you can check them out without actually having a conversation is by taking a look at their website. It will tell you all sorts of things about them — from which areas they work in, to how big they are. The site will give you a clue on their fees.

Choose a firm which reflects your situation. If you need someone for wills and estate planning, don’t look for a hot shot attorney from a big-time firm unless you have the sort of estate which might cover their fees. If the attorney has experience and knowledge of the specialty, they will be able to help.